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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is more than just a family amusement park - it isalso a treasure trove of knowledge about animals from the ocean and polar regions! Satisfy your curiosityabout wildlife by exploring withinnovative advanced technologies! A series of entertaining and inspiring educational tours have also been organised for those who wish to learn more about nature!
Education Zone
Fun-filled Animal Information

Along withrare animals from all over the world, guestscan also see fabulous shows featuring belugas, sea lions, walruses and dolphins. The diverse range of themes and vivid interactive knowledge displaysin our exhibits immerse you into the harmonious interplay of human and animal life.

Wifiservice is provided in our animal exhibits. Use the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Appto see even more animal information on your device, simply by tapping the animal’s image on the screen!

Education Zone
Experience a World of Wonders throughTechnology

Our exhibits offer an unprecedented visual experience. Marvel at the stunning effects as different animals come towards you,in a wonder of advanced technology.

Alongside realistic depictions of the underwater world and natural environment, there are also short videos to give you a closer view of these adorable animals andthe world they live in.

Education Zone
The Sounds of Nature

The audio recordings in our exhibits, from the soothing flow of water and the crash of the waves, to the jumping and laughter of the dolphins and singing of thesea lions and walruses, help to give you a comprehensive visual and audio experience. Find yourself in the middle of the ocean or an icy wonderland, surrounded by all these wonderful animals.

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