Ocean Diving

Ocean Diving Ocean Diving Ocean Diving Ocean Diving Ocean Diving

Put on the coolest diving suit; join our professional and interesting diving lessons! Let our professional PADI instructor guide you through the underwater world with a heaven like experience that no other sports can offer.



(We only accept 3 participants for each session. Please make a reservation at least 2 hours in advance.)

Time Limit Program Price
(Admission is required and not included in 
program price.)


October 8, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Ocean Diving

Dolphin Island Diving: RMB 1000/person
Whale Shark Aquarium Diving:RMB 1600/person


RMB 30/person(domestic travel insurance that covers personal accident)Need To be purchased separately,only covers accident in diving activity.


Underwater Photo Shooting: RMB 300/person 
(Electronic photos and one USB flash )
Underwater Photo Shooting and Underwater video: RMB 500/person 
(Electronic photos,Underwater video and one USB flash )


Guests between 8 and 60 years old(Guests under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Guests under 14 years old must have a written consent from the legal guardian in order to participate).


Dolphin Island

Whale Shark Aquarium


Chimelong Ocean Kingdom official website, official
WeChat and Chimelong APP

Walk-in Registration: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Guest Services

Phone Reservation: 0756-2993306

We offer

Complimentary drinks and bottled water for each guest.

Guided service throughout the whole experience and free electromobile ride to/from activity location.

Free sterilized bathrobe, bath towel and slippers.


1、Please arrive at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom VIP Room 15 minutes before the activity to complete all Ocean Diving relevant procedures (e.g. signing the agreement and familiarizing yourself with the activity procedure).

2、Guests who currently have or have a history of following conditions must not participate. Please consult a team member before signing up.

Ear infections;

Common cold, stuffy nose, sinusitis, bronchitis, respiratory diseases, severe pollen allergy or other allergy symptoms;

Pneumothorax (sunken chest);

Lung diseases;

Asthma in the recent year, emphysema or pulmonary tuberculosis;

Under the influence of drugs that could possibly affect physical and mental performance;

Disorders or abnormality in behavior, mental or psychological health or nervous system;

Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy;

Heart disease, myocardial infarction, previous heart, blood vessels or chest surgery;

High blood pressure, angina or former usage of blood pressure medicines;

Aged above 45 and have a family history of myocardial infarction or stroke;

Hemorrhagic disease or other blood system diseases;


Ear diseases, hearing loss or balance problems;

Ear or surgery or paranasal sinus surgery;

Colostomy surgery;

Convulsions, dizziness, fainting, spasms or seizures or usage of relevant preventive medicines;

Health issues in back, arms or legs due to former injury, bone fractures or surgery;

Claustrophobia or agoraphobe.

3.Guest whose wearing with makeup and nail polish(containing chemical ingredients),Refused to participate in ocean diving.

The program may be delayed or cancelled due to weather, animal condition or other special circumstances without further notice. Please pay attention to onsite arrangements.

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