Parent-child interactive activity

Water is the source of life. It nourishes everything and cleanses the world.Water flows in rivers and reunites in sea, providing home to thousands of creatures.Starting from getting to know a small fish and its living environment, you, as parent can enter the world of water knowledge with your child! Aqua School Aqua School
A handful of soil incorporates a garden; in a flower rests the soul of nature.Even the children without much connection to nature can learn to love the nature and be grateful with a little bit more effort. Gardening is the best Parent-child activity. Start here! Parent-Child
Gardening Club
Parent-child Gardening Club
Do you want to know more little-known stories about dolphins?Come to our Dolphin School!Professional educators tell you the little-known stories about dolphins.To finish the task and win delicate prizes with parents.Are you
ready for becoming the ocean
guardian to protect our blue planet? Dolphin School Dolphin School
What do jellyfish eat?Are jellyfish venomous?How to treat jellyfish stings?Take a free jellyfish course. The educator helps you understand jellyfish and you will have a chance to interact with the jellyfish up-close! Jellyfish School

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