Educational Tours

In order to teach primary and secondary students in Zhuhai about marine and polar animals, and toinstil in theman understanding that “conservation begins with me”, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom organises inspiring and entertaining educational tours.

Each tour group is guided by a Chimelong Ocean Kingdom educational instructor. Besides exploring the relevant exhibits and getting close to the animals, participants can also visit the behind-the-scene facilities and learn more aboutconservation.

At this time, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom offers two educational tours:

Marine Fish Tour

Visit one of the largest beluga aquariums in the world and learn more about whale shark, manta rays and other rare marine creatures. Participants may also get to touch asea jelly.

sea lions Tour

Come face-to-face with agile pinnipedanimals, be wowed by the wonderful performance of the talented sea lions and visit the gigantic walruses and seals.

Event Details:


Each educational tour lasts around 3 hours

Group Size:

Each educational tour accommodates a maximum of 50 students and 1 teacher

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom provides 1 educational instructor and 1 assistant for each tour.

Booking & Fees

Schools can book a tour through any major travel agency. (Educational tours are not open to individuals or private groups at the moment.) Check with these agencies for more booking information.


Educational Tour Only:

Students who wish to visit Chimelong Ocean Kingdom after the tour need to buy a ticket for admission.

Full Access:

Students can continue their Chimelong Ocean Kingdom visit at the end of the educational tour.

Educational Tours

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