Safety Standards

To ensure that all guests enjoy their stay at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, we have adopted very stringent safety standards for our amusement facilities, from their construction to daily operation and maintenance. All our amusement facilities are in strict compliance with international and national management standards.

1、ASTM Standards:

The American Society for Testing Materials American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards are a safety benchmark for amusement facilities in the US and an authoritative international safety standard. It ensures that the amusement facilities follow a series of standard requirements including design, creation, operation, maintenance, inspection and incident (malfunction) logging. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has strictly implemented the ASTM standards to ensure the safe operation of the park’s facilities.

2、GB 8408-2008 Amusement Device Safety Code:

GB 8408-2008 Amusement Device Safety Codedefines the technical and safety requirements for amusement facilities. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has ensured strict compliance withthe national standards, including design, creation, installation, maintenance, inspection and management of the park’s amusement facilities.


All Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s amusement facility operators are properly certified and reviewed periodically to provide ongoing education and training in order to maintain high safety standards.

The relevant certificates include:

Amusement facility management certificate

Amusement facility operation certificate

Amusement facility maintenance certificate and miscellaneous quality inspection certificate

4、Food Safety:

All the foods provided and sold at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom are properly certified and inspected, with food manufacturers required to provide the relevant quality inspection report and be in compliance with national standards regulated by the Food Safety Law.

5、Product Safety:

All merchandise sold at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom complies with national quality standards and has been certified to fulfil the various relevant national standards in accordance with Article 26 of the Product Quality Law.

The products pose no risk to personal and property safety

The products must be capable of providing the intended functions

The products must fulfil the standards that have been listed on the products or their packaging.

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