Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Located at Chimelong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom brings together innovative design and more than 20 years of experience in park management on the part of Chimelong Group. Guests experience an unforgettable adventure filled with rare and exotic creatures from the land and sea, as well as premium amusement facilities and amazing performances.

In 2014, the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) recognised Chimelong Ocean Kingdom as the winner of the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement (Theme Park), marking this as a truly outstanding amusement park!

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom features eight world-class highlights:

  • 1

    One of the world’s largest marine theme parks

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of the largest ocean-themed amusement parks in the world. It combines first-rate amusement rides, rare animal exhibits, grand performances, diverse dining and shopping options and many other entertainment experiences!

  • 2

    An aquarium that holds five world records

    The 68-metre-high Whale Shark Aquarium is the world’s largest ocean aquarium, and its 31,000 cubic metre aquarium tank is second to none. The aquarium is home to about 20,000 rare fish of different species such as manta rays, sharks and sea turtles. It features the world’s largest acrylic panel (39.6 m x 8.3 m x 0.65 m), seamlessly welded using cutting-edge technology to create an aquarium window and viewing domes that provide unparalleled immersion into the underwater world!

  • 3

    One of the world’s longest roller coasters

    Amazing Amazon features a 1,300-metre track, one of the longest in the world. Reaching as high as 20 storeys, this crazy roller coaster gives guests the exhilarating ride of a lifetime!

  • 4

    A rare polar-themed water coaster

    The distinctivePolar Horizon has a track that extends over 1,000 metres and ranges up to 23 metres in height, taking guests on an amazing journey from the sky to the sea and across a snowy world of white.

  • 5

    One of the world’s largest marine-themed parades

    Packed with beautifully decorated large parade floats, the parade gives adults and children alike the opportunity to dance alongside mermaids, turtles, octopi, whales and submarines.

  • 6

    The most impressive performance over HengqinOcean

    Blending water,lights,projections,lasers,fireworks and other audio-visual elements, this large-scale performance, winner of Best International Achievement in Events at the prestigious Australian Event Awards, is a unique and awe-inspiring show not to be missed!

  • 7

    A distinctivedesign concept combining large amusement facilities with exotic animal displays

    Guests can enjoy the heart-pounding thrills of a soaring roller coaster high above the polar bear exhibit, as well as visit brown bears and polar bears up close!

  • 8

    The 5D Castle Theater is a super huge 5D special effect theater that is nearly 12,000 m2. It has over 1,000 motion seats and a 1500 m2 semi-circular 3D screen.

    A record-breaking world class experience

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has raised the bar for ocean-themed amusement parks around the world with five records:

    Largest Aquarium Largest Aquarium Tank Largest Acrylic Panel Largest Aquarium Window Largest Underwater Viewing Dome
    Total Water Volume: 48.75 million litres Total Single Tank Volume: 22.7 million litres Single Acrylic Panel Dimension: 39.6 m x 8.3 m Single Viewing Window Dimension: 39.6 m x 8.3 m Placed Over the Aquarium Tunnel: 12 m in Diameter

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