Ocean Kingdom Mascots

What's up, guys? I'm Big Hammer. B-I-G, big, H-A-M-M-E-R hammer.

Oh gosh, there is a shadow over there. How terrifying.
Turns out it's a rock. I was relieved.
I like to discuss some complicated questions such as why are my eyes on the side and cannot see the front? At the moment I still don't know the answer but I like to keep learning.
I want to be as smart as GPS. He seems to know everything.
By the way, I like to observe small animals. They are very interesting and I feel like I can open up to them, while sometimes I'm too shy and cannot let my guard down with other friends.
GPS invite me to high tea. I have to get prepared.
See you later, friends!

Hi I’m KaKa Tiger.

I have many friends and my best friends are KiKi and Bobby.
I love adventures and always look for fun.
I want to become a pilot and travel around the world when I grow up. I also want to be a captain to explore ocean mysteries in my submarine. I even dream to become a commander of spacecraft to discover those unknown planets…..
Rainbow is my favorite color as it looks so bright and colorful.
My mom says I’m a restless type and I talk a lot. Only God knows what I would be in the future…. But when my mom tucks me in at night, I will be quiet very soon and then act like a mouse, because once she leaves the room, I will get out of bed and stand on tiptoe in front of the window to watch the moon and stars, imaging all the things I want to do…… When I grow up, I’m sure to become a super powerful KaKa tiger!!
Would you like to be my friend?

Hi I’m KiKi.

Do you notice that I’m a golden tiger? I’m very proud of this!
I have an elder brother Bobby. He is quite big and very lazy. Anyway I like him a lot.
I love school, because I can learn a lot in the school. I want to be the best student. My dream is to become a marine biologist when I grow up.
In fact, I’m an optimistic girl.

Hello I’m Bobby.

I love to catch those interesting bugs. Look, they are so cool. I’m surprised how smart and strong they are even though they are tiny.
I’m a little bit clumsy and overweight. Maybe that’s why other kids often bully me, but they will stop once KaKa shows up, because they know KaKa is my best friend and they respect KaKa.
To be honest, I think the best time in school is after school, which means I can go home to enjoy delicious snacks in refrigerator. I’ve got my own rack in the refrigerator to put a lot of snacks. I’m a big fan of chocolate flavored food.
I wish to have my own restaurant and to savor various dishes when I grow up.
And I will have my own dining table so I can invite KaKa and KiKi to dinner with me. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? I feel very excited every time I think about this. HaHa

Hi, everyone. I'm Ocean Genie.

I'm the junior wizard that saved Ocean Kingdom.
You must have heard of the legendary story of Kaka, Kiki and me saving the world.
My favorite trick is to produce a lollipop using my magic power.
I think lollipop is the greatest food in the world! You can tell that I'm King Sir's son.
He always says that learning magic is a waste of time. What he doesn't know is that I'm much better at magic than him.
I wish for world peace. Save the world with me!

I'm King Sir.

Do you like my jacket?
This blue jacket with polka dots is now in trend.
Buddy is my good buddy.
We often talk about all kinds of things. He always ends up taking my advice, because I'm much cooler!
As for my son Ocean Genie, as a sane person who doesn't believe in magic, I don't know what to do about his obsession with magic.
But I will find out his story of his undersea adventure with Kaka and Kiki.
It was dangerous and I was worried. I simply wish for ocean peace.

Hi, my name is Buddy!

Don't challenge me to a swimming contest, because I will definitely win! Did you know that King Sir is my bro and friend?
We often hang out and discuss all kinds of interesting stuff.
King Sir is frustrated because he can never answer my quiz.
My dream is to become a lifeguard.
Often times there are lost boats and drowning humans in the ocean that need my help.
I can guide their way or swim at my maximum speed to rescue them.
This is me, Buddy. Brave boys, play with me!

Hi everyone! I'm B.Lova.

I come from Russia.
I love singing. People nicknamed me "Sea canary".
I love it.
Hush, let me tell you a secret.
When I was little, I'm grey.
When I'm grown, I turn white.
I'm a designer.
I design King Sir's jacket.
Isn't that something?
How great it would be if some day all the friends in ocean are wearing the outfit that I designed.
I am amused by the thought of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Mr.Nut.

My speech is fast and I like to rap.
Do you know what rap is?
Yoyo, check it out! I also like speeches.
My dream is to become a speaker.
If I can give a speech all over the ocean that would be amazing.
I always get Kaka's name mixed up with some one else's.
Kaka, Kiki, same to me.
People say that I'm impatient.
Well, I'm mot! Watch me meditate.
Forget it, I have to talk.
This is my life style.
I hope everyone appreciate me for who I am.

Hello everybody. I'm Sisi.

Can you see my sweetest smile?
I believe that smile is the answer to everything.
I live near Mt. Walrus.
Each time we party, I invite all the friends in ocean.
Mr. Nut always insists on being the host, but I think B.Lova would be more popular.
I like planting plants, because they make the air fresh.
Many people confuse me with walrus.
But walrus has long tusk and we sea lions do not.
You're welcome.

Greetings! I'm GPS!

Many people are impressed by my extensive marine knowledge.
They don't know that I enjoy reading.
I love living my life at a slow pace.
I love coffee and basking on the beach.
I am a teacher at marine school.
Bobby is the most difficult child.
He's always thinking of food.
I also live with humans for a while.
They are very friendly.
If you want to make friends with them, you can seek advice from me.
Time to go. I'm studying a marine navigation system.
If the research is successful, I will be the first scientist in the ocean. Ho ho ho!

Hey yo! I'm Color!

Lol, I like laughing. I laugh at everything. Any joke will trigger my laugh.
When I don't understand something, I ask questions.
Q: Why is sea water blue?
A: Because when fish blows up bubbles, they go like this "Blue…Blue…". ROFL.
Because I ask too many questions, people call me "100,000 whys".
I like to swim in coral reefs. Did you see my striped jacket?
It's designed by B. Lova. Isn't it just lovely? I also like to make jokes, but sometimes they are not funny.
I'm Color. Do you want to be my friend?

Hey guys, I'm Auntie Momo!

That's right. I'm a manta ray or devilfish. Despite my name, I like helping people.
I often do part time jobs as social volunteers, helping out people in need.
My personal motto is: "Persistence is the twin sister of success."
I love cool drinks. When it's hot, nothing sounds better than a bottle of cold drink.
My good friend GPS and I often discuss things we learned at school. I think children that like studying are good kids.
Whenever you run into trouble, come find me.

How are you, I'm Pao Pao.

My friends call me "shy pao pao", because I'm a shy girl who likes to stay inside seaweeds and watching TV or listening to music. I have a beautiful voice, but I never sing in front of people.
When I'm in danger, I can turn myself into a ball with sharp needle-like spines as I fill my stomach with air. So that nothing can harm me.
I hope one day I can be brave and make lots of friends. Yes, this is my small wish.
Isn't it terrific?

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